One of the hardest questions to answer is, “what is more painful, giving birth or getting kicked on the genitals?” This is one question that has divided humans. And it’s relatively difficult to answer this question because different genders feel both the pains. A man can never understand the pain of childbirth, and a woman can never know how it feels to be kicked in a male’s private area.

However, thanks to science, people are now able to feel a similar pain just to test it out. People have invented pain simulators that let you experience the exact pain, no matter your gender. And the confident man in the video is ready to know how it feels while giving birth with a labor pain simulator.

man tries labor pain simulator

This woman was tired of her husband, telling her to have more babies. Since she’s already been through labor once before, she didn’t want to go through the same pain ever again. But her husband didn’t realize how painful giving birth is. So, to make him understand almost every woman’s pain, she makes him try the labor pain simulator. And the result is painfully hilarious.

WATCH if this man makes it through till the end and endures the pain. Or he gives up before it even begins.

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