Man Crawls On Ice To Save Dog From Icy Pond With Just His Hockey Stick

Icy ponds and animals are not the best combinations, especially dogs and icy ponds. We’ve seen a number of cases where people risk their lives while saving a dog that’s fallen to icy water. And this video is one of them.

Usually, when people dive into an icy lake to save the dog, they make sure to have the proper equipment. However, this man does it differently. Two men in Zaporizhia, Ukraine were playing ice hockey. There, they came across a German Shepherd that fell on the icy water and got stuck.

man saves dog with hockey stick

As soon as they see the dog in trouble they rush to the scene to save him. One man takes on the filming duty and starts running his camera to film as his friend crawls on ice to save the dog. But since he doesn’t have any equipment to pull the dog out, he uses his hockey stick.

The man taps through the ice with his hockey stick to ensure that it’s safe to step on it. And when he reaches the place, he hooks his stick under the dog and pulls him out safely.

WATCH how this man risks his life to save a stranger’s dog in such a heroic manner below.

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