He Raised This Gorilla Like His Own Son, But Watch When He Introduces His Wife for 1st Time

The Aspinall Foundation is responsible for vital animal conservation work that they do in parts of Africa. One of their main focus is the gorilla reintroduction project, where they release the great apes to the wild. As part of this project, chairman Damian Aspinall had raised and released two male gorillas, Djalta and Ima from an animal park in Kent, to the wild in 2003.

Reunions with friends can be pretty intimidating. You’ve been away for a long time, and everyone has gone through a lot of changes in that duration. However, you can’t wait to meet them and fill them in all the details they don’t know! In 2017, Damian and his wife, Victoria, were going on a trip to oversee another project in Gabon. But first, Damian wanted to meet his old pals!

gorilla aspinall

Victoria has heard a lot about these gorilla’s, but she has never met them. So, they go on a boat to where they are. The two apes are ecstatic to see Damian again while Victoriia observes them from far away. Slowly she approaches the primates. At first, they are hesitant and sniff her a lot. But soon enough, they accept her as their own. Furthermore, one of them seems completely smitten towards the lady! Watch the heartwarming video below:

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