German Shepherd Had Just Finished His Meal, but He Tells Dad He Still Wants More

Dogs are pretty simple creatures. They love playing outdoors, cuddling with their owners and getting belly rubs. They do not like baths, going to the vet and perhaps the occasional squirrel. They are really loyal to their owners and love them with all their heart. If there is one thing they love more than their owners, it has to be food! They can and will do almost anything for a nice treat!

Almost all dog owners can agree that their dogs are always hungry, no matter what breed they are. They are always willing to eat some treats, and look at you like you betrayed them when you don’t give in to their demands. The German shepherd in the following video is a perfect example. He has just eaten, but he is already pestering his dad for more!

The German shepherd has his bowl ready by his side. He taps the bowl to let dad know he wants some food! When dad pretends he doesn’t know what the dog is talking about, the clever pooch leads him to the pantry and points towards the container with the food. Talk about being particular! His dad says that he’s just eaten, but the pooch makes it look like he hasn’t been fed at all!

What a dramatic little pooch he is! Despite that, it must be really amusing to watch all his hilarious antics at home.

Check out this hilarious video below:

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