When This Irish Granny Was Told That She Had Eaten Chicken Balls, Her Response is Ruthless!

It is really cool hanging around elderly people. They are so fearless about what they do and say. It’s actually hilarious! Take for example this awesome granny in the video below! This Irish grandma went out a Chinese restaurant with her grandsons. When they got back home, they asked her some questions about what she just ate, and her answers are hysterical!

Kathleen McDermott is 88 years old and her family lovingly calls her “Nanny Mack”. Nanny Mack is as witty as they come and you can see that in the clip! Her frank replies have her grandsons rolling with laughter. This video has been going viral ever since it was posted on the June of 2015 in YouTube. Because of the success of the video, Nanny Mack has become sort of a star in Ireland. Her Facebook page has almost 4,000 fans!


Watch this hilarious granny in the video below! Did this crack you up? Let us know in the comments section!

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