Distressed Woman Records Man Following Her for 40 Minutes From Store

Social media has become the ultimate harmless stalking tool for everyone. We observe what our friends or families are up to, their preferences. Overall, we observe from afar in the virtual world and don’t pursue any further. Physical stalking, on the other hand, is much more serious and scarier.

That is the reason a lot of women don’t enjoy walking alone. The constant fear of any possible incident lurking in their mind discourages them from braving the streets without company. It necessarily doesn’t need to be dark anymore. Jamie Coutts from Vancouver was making her way to grocery shopping in broad daylight. When she noticed something out of the ordinary.

A man was following her. Initially, she dismissed the feeling, as Jamie was not sure. Instead, she decided to try a bunch of ideas to test her theory. She made way for the suspicious man to go ahead of her. Rather he stood on the sidewalk glaring at her up and down. The confirmation pierced through every fiber of her body. Now Jamie was scared and felt helpless.

Jamie decided to record the journey on Facebook. She walked to a park with a handful of people. Jamie made her way to a stranger’s side and explained the situation. Please press play and watch the video.

Always stay safe. Kindly share this video with your loved ones.