5-Day-Old Newborn Won’t Eat, Family Rushed to Call Poison Control

The joy of welcoming a baby home is overwhelming. The parents are exhausted from the experience but at the same time equally excited for the journey. Similar was the case for Bethany Taylor and her husband Kendall, who were over the moon after the birth of their new baby girl.

The family was doing pretty well as new parents. But on the fifth day home, the mother noticed concerning behavior from the five-day-old Jane. They quickly went to a pediatrician to further inspect the situation. The doctor shared no primary concern, so the couple came back home. Few days into the situation, the news mom and dad began experiencing extreme headaches.

Meanwhile, grandma came to help the new parents. Soon enough, the granny became ill too. The symptoms were similar. Hence, Kendall took the help of google. When they found out the possible reasons, the couples rushed to the hospital. After a detailed investigation, the mother and daughter were placed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The family was diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Please press play and watch the little fighter coming back to her old self.

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