Wonder What Bad Weather Means in Antarctica? Watch When She Opens The Door

When I imagine Antarctica, I tend to picture cute little penguins and big fluffy polar bears all chilling in the ice at the ray of sunlight. Here’s a video that definitely bursts that bubble.

This woman is Natalie Brechtel, who’s living at the McMurdo Station in Antarctica. She shows what her “commute” is like from the work building back to the dorm during “Condition 1” weather. To give you some idea, you need permission to go outside and there’s a rope that runs along the ground to keep from getting lost!

Condition 1 is classified as the harshest weather in Antarctica:

  • Winds greater than 55 knots sustained for one minute, or
  • Visibility less than 100 feet sustained for one minute, or
  • Wind chill greater than -100°F sustained for one minute

Those conditions simply don’t work for me, but obviously Natalie is a pro because she’s just wrapped up her ninth season there!

Watch the video down below to see for yourself and let us know in the comments if you’d be willing to spend any time there at all.

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