Huge Sea Lion Walks Up To Stall And Begs For Fish In Video

If you’ve ever seen a sea lion perform tricks, you know that they’re intelligent animals. They’re also very friendly and would rarely harm humans. However, they’re large animals, and so is their appetite.

In the video, we see a large sea lion waiting beside a man. The man is tossing fishes in one of the stalls. The sea lion stands patiently behind him as if a little puppy waiting to get treats.

man feeds sea lion

Sea lions are fish lovers, and they’d show the most amazing tricks to get fish treats. But this sea lion wants treats. So, the best thing to do is to be a good boy and give the human a puppy eye. The adorable sea lion doesn’t take any of the fish by force. Instead, he shows the man his best behavior and gets them. And he catches the fishes perfectly every time the man tosses them.

WATCH the adorable video below.

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