Two Orphaned Baby Fawns Find Comfort And Care From An Unlikely Friend

Norway is a country well known for its hunting. And Halvor Sveen is one of the country’s best-known hunters. But when it came to these two abandoned fawns, Sveen had a change of mind. He came across a deer that accidentally broke her neck and ran into a fence. And Sveen could see she was lactating.

Thus, he found out that she has two baby deers who are still in their nursing age. Sveen didn’t want to leave the poor fawns behind and let the predators eat them. So, he brought them home and started taking care of the baby animals.

man adopts orphaned fawns

Now, Sveen wakes up multiple times at night just to feed the baby fawns. And they need to be bottle-fed eight times a day. But he’s not alone in taking care of the tiny deers. Sveen has his husky, Hunter looking after the orphaned animals.

Sveen named the fawns Knoll and Tott honoring The Katzenjammer Kids comic strip. And he says that both the animals are the kindest and nicest beings. And once they grow up, he plans to release them into the wild in island wildlife preserve with no predators.

WATCH the incredible story of the baby fawns and their rescuer below.

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