We Thought the Bird is Dead. Pay Attention When the Camera Zooms in

Birds are an excellent idea to keep as pets. They’re chatty and fun to be around. And sometimes they’re too adorable to handle, just like this little lovebird here.

Andreas Christodoulou shared the adorable moment of his tiny little lovebird. Lovebirds are usually an intelligent species of birds. They are pretty fast learners and can talk and whistle as humans do. Lovebirds are small but very affectionate. But Andreas’ lovebird is a bit extra. He loves sleeping like humans.

bird sleeps like human

Andreas’ lovebird would always sleep as humans do. Closing his eyes and laying flat in the bed. He would spread his tiny legs and wings. And one fine day, he caught the entire thing on camera.

WATCH the adorable bird sleeping like a person in the cutest way below.

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