They See Something In The Water. But These Divers Never Expected This Mammal To Come To Them For Help

Sometimes such bizarre things happen to you that it sounds unbelievable. When you tell that story to your friends, they don’t believe you. This must be how James Moskito and his team of volunteers feel when they say this story. Luckily for us, they have good evidence that it happened.

The team of divers was in the waters one day when a humpback whale came to them. The whale surfaced and stared at James, pleading them for help. The poor creature was entangled on a crab net. The water mammal was tied down by the one-mile-long line of the net, which came attached with a 3000-pound anchor that was weighing it down.

Most noteworthy, the whale cooperated with the team for five whole hours as they bravely cut down the nets. Furthermore, the whale was calm even when they cut the nets that had cut into its skin. Afterward, James and the team got to witness an incredibly grateful whale. It swam circles around them and rubbed on them. Watch their incredible connection below:

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