Dad Found Out That His Daughter Was Bullying a Kid at School. So He Did This to Teach Her a Lesson

Approximately one in four children are bullied. Bullying is mainly present in schools where children torment other kids. Sometimes it comes out of insecurity and misunderstanding. Kids don’t know the background and home situation of other schoolmates but still target them because they are different than them.

This is what was happening to a girl named Ryan. Re’Onna Smalls, along with a group of other girls, were teasing Ryan because she wasn’t as fashionable as them. Then something happened that changed both the girl’s lives. Randy Smalls, Re’Onna’s father, was called to the school. When Randy heard what was going on, he was shocked.

dad takes bully victim shop

Randy himself had been bullied when he was a kid. He never expected his daughter would taunt somebody at school. So the disappointed father thought of a unique way to teach his girl a lesson. Re’Onna loved shopping, and Randy was saving up some money so that he could take her for a shopping trip. Instead, he decided to take his daughter’s bully victim, Ryan. He even took Ryan’s Mom and his daughter along. Re’Onna was sad at first, but soon enough, she learned of Ryan’s difficult home situation. She sure did learn a big lesson that day. Watch Randy’s interview talking about his unique punishment:

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