Crowd in Shock When ’92-Yr-Old Mambo Dancing Legend’ Goes to Nightclub

We all hear that “age is just a number.” Well I can tell you once that number gets high enough, no amount of will power is going to change reality. Or so I thought until I watched this video.

According to the video, Vera Rodriguez is a 92-year-old dancing legend who is famous for her mambo and decides to go out to a nightclub in Helsinki, Finland. The mambo is a very physical dance–difficult even for the most fit dancer–so having it performed by a 92-year-old is going to be something wild indeed.

As the mambo music starts up at the Casino Helsinki, Vera takes her young dance-mate’s arm and heads for the floor. That’s when the wildness starts. Her partner starts with some spins–extensive, dizzying spins–and then moves on to throwing her in the air and spinning her over his head!

It turns out the entire thing is a bit of a prank by filmmaker Mikko Kemppe. Vera is actually a 30-something professional dancer named Vera Rowe and her partner is Uriel Garcia. They tour the world putting on high energy shows just like the one in the film. But this is the first time they’ve done it surreptitiously as a prank.

What makes the video so good is that the people in the audience didn’t know it was a prank until afterward. In the moment, they believed Vera to be the 92-year-old she was purported to be. Which made it for a fun night, for sure!

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