This Man Finds A Magic door On The Park Enters Then Disappears, Onlookers In Disbelief

A prank or practical joke is a naughty trick you do to someone causing embarrassment, confusion, discomfort, or perplexity. It is generally all for fun and with no intention of causing harm and with long-term impact. A magic trick, on the other hand, is purposed to present as magic but is basically illusion and trickery, commonly as a means of entertainment. That being said, imagine what if a prank is combined with a magic trick? What would people’s reaction be? Would it still be fun?

YouTube page “MagicofRahat” did just that, a combination of a prank and a magic trick. Rahat is a YouTube content creator and is the owner of the said page. He is known for making videos with the combination of the two, prank and magic trick. In this one video that he produced, he set up a door in the middle of the park, directly in front of the bench. When people started sitting at the bench, he then opens the door, enters, and will disappear on the other end of the door.

Every victim was either shocked, scared and all the reactions you might think of. One woman dropped the book she was reading and couldn’t keep her mouth closed, another woman just said “Nope” then preceded to walk away, a gentleman even said that It was the black hole his wife was talking about. How funny people’s reactions can be.

Watch the full video below to see all the other reactions of the victims and how he managed to disappear into thin air. See how he did it? Was it shockingly so simple? His acting was also good in selling the trick if I may say so myself. Check out his page if you want to see other magic tricks/pranks.


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