How’s your day going so far? Are you interested in making it a zillion times better? Babies can be a handful, but there are certain things these tots are excellent at. One of them is being their adorable heaps of laughter. We can’t help but smile when a kid begins bursting into giggles.

In the clip featuring below, a dad and his months-old son have the time of their life. Especially the little prankster. Dad is enjoying his leisure watching tv. Meanwhile, the child is busy sorting the toys. As soon as the dad uses one of the balls as a pillow to rest his head. The little daredevil gets to work.


The baby boy enjoys pulling the ball out of his father’s head. Once done, the baby gives out the cute fit of giggles. The game of pull goes back and forth, and every successful head drop results in uncontrollable laughter. The newfound game and reaction that follows are just so endearing to watch. Don’t you think?

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