77-year-old Man with Down Syndrome Gets An Emotional Surprise In His Birthday

With the advent of technology, we have come a long way in curing chronical diseases. However, whether curable or not, people always have certain prejudices against the physically or mentally challenged. Along with science and medicine, our mindset needs to be progressive as well. All we need is a little sensitivity and awareness to help them overcome their everyday struggles.

Down syndrome is one such condition that delays physical and mental growth. Also, it is mostly associated with a short life span. But Kenny Cridge of Nottingham, UK proved science wrong as he celebrated his 77th birthday with much gusto. The Guinness Book of World Records has titled him as the world’s oldest man with Down syndrome.

Back in 1939, Kenny was born with a twin sister, Dorothy. Assumed to be stillborn, he was kept aside until he cried out. Due to lack of knowledge on Down syndrome, doctors expected his life span to be as short as 12 years. However, Kenny miraculously outlived everyone’s expectations… till the age of 77!

Presently, Kenny lives in a care home and receives all the facilities and care he requires. His caretakers and family members threw a perfect 77th birthday bash for him- complete with balloons and sweet treats!

WATCH Kenny’s priceless reaction on receiving his birthday presents. He surely is a bundle of joy!

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