Orangutan laughs uncontrollably to a zoo visitor’s simple magic trick

Have you ever seen a magic trick in person? If you have, you’d know the typical reaction of utter astonishment. Magic tricks are made not only by expert tricksters for even you yourself can do one with the right props and a little practice. These tricks are usually made just for fun and to spread happiness to people, but in this story, it seems that people are not the only ones to appreciate a good magic trick. Animals are so much like humans in particular ways. They also react to certain things that we also do.

Just like regular people, this adorable orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo in Spain was seen enjoying a magic trick done for him by a man named Dan Zaleski from Meriden, Connecticut. It was also Dan who uploaded the now-viral video on YouTube. In the said video we see the ape behind the glass paying close attention to what the Dan was about to do, curious, he decides to watch it until the end. Dan was no expert magician though, for his trick was quite sloppy and appears to have been done just for the fun and entertainment of his orangutan friend.

Dan was apparently holding a paper cup with some kind of small fruit inside. He shows it to the orangutan, closes it with a lid and shakes the cup continuously. For a moment, he then hides the cup and emptied its content then shakes it a bit more before showing it to his friend. As the orangutan peeks inside the empty cup, it suddenly bursts out laughing while literally rolling on the floor. Dan and the person filming the little trick couldn’t help but also laugh at the ape’s adorable reaction. We don’t know if it really was that funny to him, or that he just had to laugh at how bad the trick was.

The video was just plain cute that it had to go viral with more than 46 million views. As seen on Dan’s caption on the video, he encourages everyone to save these precious creatures our “cousins” from extinction by supporting wildlife conservation work. Check out the magic trick below, to see how cute the ape’s reaction was!

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