Incredible ‘Pool Diving Boxer’ Swims Underwater Better Than Humans

In the age of internet, we’re used to seeing animals perform some pretty incredible tricks. But here’s a dog that can do something pretty unique: swim underwater and retrieve things from the bottom of the pool.

This is Rex, the “pool diving Boxer,” who has been on the news, various TV shows like Animal Planet and is even featured in a book entitled Underwater Dogs. According to the owner, Rex lives in Arizona and found out that staying in the pool is a good way to keep cool in the summer temperatures that regularly hit 120F.

This owner said that Rex is actually a rescue dog that he’s had since he was only a few weeks old. He said Rex’s swimming ability is all his own–he wasn’t trained to do it, he just figured it out all by himself.  And it’s a salt water pool so there’s no harm to Rex from the chemicals.

This is one clever dog. Watch the full video below!

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