Willie Nelson’s Son Performs One Of His Dad’s Classic, Now Millions Love His Rendition

Willie Nelson is one of the most incredible artists to have ever graced the country music industry. The man is not only famous as a singer and songwriter, but he is also an acclaimed author, poet, actor, and activist. Willie Nelson is also said to be one of the main figures of outlaw country. Born during the Great Depression and raised by his grandparents, the man wrote his first song when he was only seven years old. He went on to join his first band at the age of ten. He has never looked back since then.

Nelson has explored many genres such as reggae, blues, jazz, and folk. He has given us a lot of hits over the years. And the good news is that he continues to perform and make music to this day! Willie has influenced lots of younger artists over the span of his career. And as this video shows, he has played a huge role in his sons’ lives as well. You are going to be stunned when you see the following clip of his son, Lukas, covering one of his evergreen classics.

Lukas’ rendition of his dad’s “Always On My Mind” is simply amazing! He is the mirror image of his father, especially when it comes to music. The song became a hit in 1982 and was one of Nelson’s highest positions on the chart. The young man does a fantastic job of covering it! You are going to be blown away when you hear him!

Check out his performance below! Did you enjoy this as much as we did? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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