Dad Pretends To Eat From Cat’s Bowl. Internet In Laughter At Cat’s Comeback

When it comes to food, even the best of us can get tempted and swayed. That is why it’s so hard to stick to a diet for a long time! Food is something that drives us and makes us so happy. Even animals feel the same way about it. They are so driven by food that using food as an incentive can make them do all sorts of things. For instance, using food as a reward for dogs allows us to train them to do the most unimaginable of things, from sniffing out bombs to walking on a tightrope!

On the other hand, cats aren’t that trainable. But they still have a huge love for food! Cat owners always say that cats have a strange habit of eating their food partially, then meowing to complain that their food bowl is empty! Well, that is a strange thing indeed, but cats are pretty strange creatures. The kitty in the following video also has some strong opinions when it comes to sharing food—just check out his hilarious antics below.

The owner of this cat wanted to pull a small prank on his feline. He got down to the floor and pretended to eat the food from the cat’s bowl. He really dug his face into the bowl and made it look like he was savoring it! The cat looked surprised, but he was not having any of that. He quickly put out his paw and pulled the bowl towards him. This back and forth happens more than one time, and it’s quite hilarious to watch!

Well, perhaps this kitty wasn’t too big on sharing his food. But then again, not many animals are! Check out this hilarious video below:

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