Lost Dog Reports Himself Missing at Police Station – Officer Immediatly Took His Camera

It’s not every day you hear a story about your pet wandering off to the police station to report a self missing report. Well, that was the case for a German Shepherd and husky mixed pup, Chico. The harmless pup walked into Odessa Police Station in Texas for a reason we may never know.

Was there a position open for K-9? Or was he actually lost? The doggo went to Sergeant Rusty Martin’s desk and began barking in hopes of filing a report. Nonetheless of the reasons, the officers were more than happy to see the Chico. They even went along with the game he was so eagerly playing.

One of the officers posted a picture of Chico on social media. The post has since gone viral with lots of loving comments for the canine. But everything must come to an end. Even the playtime, as it began getting darker, Chico immediately making his way home. Where Edward Alvarado had no idea about the adventures of the jumpy animal.

Please press play and enjoy the walk with Chico.

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