Camera Caught a Boy Singing at the Mall – Wait Till You Hear His Voice!

There are many talented children in the world. The video below features one of them. This young boy in the Philippines was hanging out in his local mall when he decided he wanted to share his gift of singing with the shoppers around him.

His performance was luckily captured on camera and now it is making its round on the internet (look at the people around filming and you can imagine how it caused a bit of a sensation).

The boy sings his rendition of “Listen” by Beyoncé for all his fellow customers. The song is a power ballad performed by Beyoncé for the 2006 film adaptation of the Broadway musical, Dreamgirls, and this boy surely does it right. When he started, everyone stopped in their tracks to hear him. And it is unbelievable how good this boy is! He will surely drop your jaw!

If Beyoncé happened to come upon this video, I am sure she would be as enthralled as we are! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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