After Lion Rescued From Circus, Watch When He Touches Grass for the First Time

Like humans, animals too experience mental and physical stress. The circus owner uses different animals to entertain the audience neglecting the suffering of those animals. And according to the show format, those poor animals may have to perform several cruel acts.

Every single animal on this planet deserves to live freely in its natural habitat. This heartbreaking video shows rescuing two lions from Bulgaria who were kept in a cage since they were little. The fully grown lions when introduced to a free ground are seen rolling in the grass and running like baby cubs. Surely, they tasted the freedom and liked it.

The circus culture has proven over time to be bad for many animals who are deprived of sufficient diets and are kept in a restricted quarters for a long periods of time, which causes deviation in their behaviors.

According to animal welfare organizations, circuses around the world continue to keep large numbers of big cats in captivity for entertainment purposes. While there is no official count of the number of big cats kept in circuses, it is estimated that there are hundreds or even thousands of them worldwide.

Thankfully, these two beautiful creatures were rescued. Watch this heartwarming video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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