She’s meeting these lion after 7 yrs, ignoring all warnings, she walks too close

Lions- wild, majestic, powerful, dangerous…the list of adjectives goes on. But ever thought about adorable, loving, tame lions? That’s a first, isn’t it? Now, imagine being attacked ‘with love’ by full-grown lions. If you got shivers down your spine, this godmother of two queens of the jungle is here to make the tables turn.

Michaela Zimanova cannot stay away from her roaring babies even for as long as a month. Two cubs had a rough start as their mother, a circus lioness, rejected them. Fortunately, Big Cat Rescue provided them shelter and Michaele was one of the caretakers. She formed a strong relationship with the two and later named them Malkia and Adelle.

As the cubs grew into beautiful lionesses but Michaela couldn’t spend as much time with them. However, she makes it a point to visit her godchildren often. And the two lionesses cannot get enough of smothering her with hugs and kisses each time they reunite! However, the animals have grown to realize that they might hurt their caretaker and hence, can be seen controlling their strength while showing their affection.

WATCH the wholesome video of Malkia and Adelle’s reunion with their favorite caretaker.

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