Furious Pet Owner Confronts Cops After They Shot His Dog For No Reason

What will you do, if someone told you that your dog has been shot in your backyard? Worse, by a police officer? A man named Sean Kendall posted a video on Facebook after getting an unfortunate call from animal control. He was informed that his faithful dog, one that he regards as “his best friend” was reportedly shot to the head by a Salt Lake City police officer. The said officer allegedly entered Kendall’s backyard in search of a missing 3-year-old child. But for some reason, the officer was said to have fired at Kendall’s dog. The poor dog instantly died on the spot.

Kendall, after receiving the call, took a video of himself while rushing home to the devastating scene. Affirming all the information he was recently given about the incident, he expressed great disdain towards the officer and demanded a reasonable explanation as to why his dog suffered such a terrible fate.

After arriving home, Kendall was seen confronting two of the police officers present in front of his lawn. Though the said officer that committed the shooting was nowhere in sight, Kendall still wanted prompt answers. There was very little information given about the shooting’s probable cause. Based on one of the officer’s statement, it was revealed that the dog acted aggressively towards the accused when he supposedly entered the backyard, therefore led to the shooting.

You can watch Kendall’s video of the confrontation below, and tell us about what you think.

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