Little Dancers Step on Stage and Completely Steal the Show

Kids are full of energy. Have you ever babysit a four or five years old? They will have you panting for breath within minutes. Such a tremendous amount of energy can always put to good use. Hence, parents send their kids off to practice any extracurricular.

Apart from making friends, they not just learn but excel in the new skill. Children imitate their surroundings, and they do it pretty well. For instance, teaching them dance will be easier. Although getting their attention will be the first challenge. Other than that, these adorable young ones are as accomplished as it gets. Take the four and five-year-old Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini.


The duo later appeared in American’s Got Talent in 2013 and blew the audience. The kids have been dancing together from the age of three. Even while taking a room full of adults, the little ones show no sign of struggle in their faces. With cheerful smiles, the two sway hand in hand with the music. One song after another, these two have a long way to go.

Please press play and enjoy this entertaining musical number.

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