His Instructor Asked Him to Break the Board, Now Pay Attention to His Very Cute Techniques

This is the cutest video I have seen all my life! I can bet a thousand bucks that you are going to melt and laugh at the adorable antics of the little guy in the video below! This tiny taekwondo student is trying out for his white belt. But it is not quite as easy as he might have imagined. Wait till you see what he does!!

His instructor sets out a board for him to break. What follows is a series of adorable yells and very cute techniques! The poor guy gets laughed at by his fellow mates, but that doesn’t stop him! And the instructor is so patient with him too. This was really heartwarming! This kid is going to stomp you out with his cuteness!

Little Boy Trying to Break Board in Taekwondo _ The New Karate Kid 0-57 screenshot

Watch if he earns his first belt in the video below. Isn’t he the cutest? Let us know your thoughts about this adorable video in the comments below!

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