Citizens Capture Rare Footage of Dam Failure in Action – And the Aftermath

These days smartphones have made it possible to catch something or someone in the act of doing something surprising. From wishful memories to horrific events, smartphones have captured some of the most astonishing things in day-to-day life.

Here, the someone or something “caught in the act” is mother nature. In Midland County, Michigan, when the Edgeville Dam fails to hold the pressure built up by significant rains, the dam failed and water flooded the area. Gushing water in full force is quite a scary scene! Residents were quick to act and rush to safety. The high current water made its way from Sanford Lake to the Tittabawassee River quickly.

Watch below as a resident capture the minute the dam failed and the resulting torrent!

Ryan Kaleto, a Midland pilot, was able to record the flood as it took place from beginning to end. Initially, in the video, the dam somewhat manages to hold the water. But we all know, nature can engulf buildings and even an entire planet if it wanted to. Hence a barricade could only sustain so long.

And in this final video, we have documentation of the aftermath–a devastated community, a failed dam, a ruined roadway and a lake that, for a time at least, was completely gone.

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