4 Suited Up Preschoolers Light Up Stage With Impressive Moves Using Chair

One of the most entertaining things to watch is little children dance. The effort they put in to remember the steps and not mess is too adorable. And the happiness in their faces knowing they nailed it, is too precious.

Four little preschoolers from Artek Child Education Center in Glendale, California, perform what you can call the cutest dance routine. They call it the “musical chair dance.” And these little fellas are incredible at what they do.

kids perform musical chair dance

Clad in white shirts, black pants, black vests, bow ties, and shiny black shoes, they all look sharp and ready. All four of them have shiny sequined fedoras on their heads. One by one, they enter the stage along with their chairs. And perform the cutest, most incredible routine.

They clap their hands and thighs in sync. And convey every little detail with perfection. When they all got up on the chair and jumped down one-by-one, I have to admit; my heart skipped a beat. But the perfect landing made it clear that they’ll give Bruno Mars a run for his money.

WATCH the adorable performance below.

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