Kidnapper Grabs Pre-Teen but Soon Realizes He Picked the Wrong Group of Girls

No matter how old or young a person is, he can still be strong and brave. And that strength doesn’t have to be brawn, sometimes it can be brains. Here’s a group of young girls that proved exactly that point.

An attacker grabbed Allison Ikoff outside a convenience store outside Flint, Michigan. When her little sister was about to be abducted, the older sister Lauren along with friends Chloe and Cadence did what had to be done.

“I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head. I tried, I punched him in the head,” Lauren said to ABC News. “Seeing that your little sister was going to get taken is very scary.”  The police charged 22-year-old Bruce Hipkinsas with a multitude of cases including unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, and two counts of criminal sexual conduct.

The girls were very brave to have fought back. Watch the full video below!

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