Toddlers are unpredictable. You never know what they’re up to until they actually do something, and sometimes what they do is not what you’re expecting. Here’s a video that shows exactly that situation.

These four girls are lined up for an end-of-year dance recital–they’re supposed to show off what they’ve learned, to the delight of the audience. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

This viral video took the internet by storm when a little girl made a dance recital fail in an epic way. This little one did not seem to enjoy the performance at all. While the three other children seemed to be loving the dance recital, one of the four seemed bored.

This 3-year-old made the audience burst into laughter. The other girls kept dancing till the end but the hilarious kid looks upset. She clearly had something that made her not want to dance. As I said, no one could’ve predicted what she would do once she got up on the stage!

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