Pets are everyone’s favorite to play and cuddle with. Like humans, dogs also want to be in their favorite spots. They can have more obsession than humans when it comes to their favorite place to sleep or toys to play with. Similarly, owners don’t let their dogs be around the couches or bed as dogs can sit idle for more than an hour.

Here, Lexy stubbornly hugged her favorite couch like never before. How could someone deny if their dogs react cutely to be on their favorite spots for some minute? Lexy stubbornly ignored her owner and wagged her tail as she wants that couch forever.

dog bend rules

Usually, people avoid playing with dogs and letting them sleep on the bed as they are infectious to some allergic diseases. But in this video, Lexy will not let you move your eyes from her innocent look and reactions.

Watch till the end to see how the owner’s frowning voice made Lexy leave her favorite spot and get ready to be spun around the house.