Wife Visits Sick Husband in Hospital, but Watch What the Camera Caught Them Doing

Everybody strives to have a genuine love relationship–someone that we want to spend our lives with and that we care about more than we even care about ourselves. This heart-touching video shows a real example of the true love: an elderly couple, one of whom is facing a health crisis.

This couple expressed their love for each other by singing a sweet old song. The adorable couple made the pleasant song ‘You Are My Sunshine’ even more enjoyable to listen to. Written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell, the song was first recorded in 1939 and has since become a beloved classic. And it’s perfect here.

He sang a heartwarming song with his wife to express their 66 years of true love. He conveys how much her wife means to him by singing when his whole family was present to see him at the hospital.

The video was captured at the right moment. My eyes were full of tears after watching this video! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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