Keith Urban Grants Fan’s Last Dying Wish, Serenades Her at Her Bedside

People have many unfulfilled wishes when they are on their death beds. However, very few are able to fulfill their dreams before they pass away.

Melissa English was a normal girl until cerebral palsy and scoliosis changed her life forever. Eventually, she was stuck in her bed. The 25-year-old really desired to go to a Keith Urban concert at least once in her life. Sadly, she even purchased herself a ticket but couldn’t make it to his show because of her health condition. Thankfully, Nurse Jan Cassidy found out about this and started a social media campaign.

The campaign’s sole aim was to reach out for Keith Urban’s help. The singer got to know about the campaign and went to visit Melissa immediately at Mercy Children’s Hospital. The legend himself sang the girl her favorite song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”. English’s mom captured this heartwarming moment.

This kind of action of Keith really made her day and her dreams came true just before she passed away. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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