Getting a haircut can change a person’s appearance dramatically and give a little shock when friends and family see you for the first time. Here’s a video where Dad surprises Mom by getting their young son’s very long hair cut–and Mom’s reaction is great to watch.

The parents in this case are mom Kat and dad Keloni Kamalani, two popular video bloggers with their own YouTube and Instagram followings. Keloni decides his son’s long hair has to go, so he takes him on an outing to the hair salon in his Spider-Man suit. The young boy enjoys the trip and the cut–and comes out looking like a different person!

But the trip to the hair salon is only the first part–you have to watch Mom’s reaction when she finally sees her young man. She’s moved to tears, smothering him with kisses and telling him how he looks “like such a big boy.” It’s adorable.

Watch the short video below and tell us in the comments whether you think Dad made the right decision.

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