It is not easy parenting a teenager. They don’t always listen to you and most of the time try to fight back with you.

However, we learn something new every day. It can be very stressful to be a mother. Mostly when you are a mom to a stubborn and messy teenager who just won’t listen to anything you say. But there is always a remedy if there is a problem and it takes a wise person to know this. Alice Velasquez from Bargersville, Indiana was fed up with her daughter Tahlia’s ignorance and lack of interest in cleaning her extremely dirty room.

So when Alice could not take it anymore, she decided to trash everything she would find unnecessary in trash bags. She did what a mother would normally do. So, she charged her $25 for each trash bag. The mother says, “What do you do when you are DONE telling your teenage daughters to stop letting their room look like homeless people live there? You put everything (YES EVERYTHING) into plastic bags and you sell it back to them for $25 a bag (and they have to earn the money doing chores). The best part? The bags were collected as they were found in the room – random! So their $25 could buy a bag of dirty clothes, it could buy a bag of trash or it could buy their soccer gear.”

She really had to teach her daughter a good lesson. Watch the full video below!

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