Woman Teaches Pygmy Goat How to Hop: Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Little Legs

Baby versions are always cuter than their grown up versions. And this is quite true in the case of baby animals as well. Animals are way more adorable when they are babies, aren’t they?

If you have any doubts, just check this precious video featured below! It features a tiny baby goat. Baby goats are cute as can be and their energy is extraordinary as well.

The tiny baby in this clip is trying his best to be like his ancestors. Goats are known all over the world for their hopping. But apparently some goats might need a little help to get started. Just take a look at Johnnie for example. This little boy had no idea about hopping until his human decided to give him some lessons.

Johnnie’s mom rejected him and sibling. His sibling died, and Johnnie ended up under the care of his caretakers. They brought him inside the house and started bottle-feeding him. According to one of his guardians, Johnnie now spends all his time in the house. In the video, he seems a bit unsure when he starts, but after a few tries, he turns into hopping pro! You are going to melt for sure!

Watch this adorable video below! Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

[ytvid id=”pKRpQNpo47I”]

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