2-Yr-Old Cries Watching Movie, then Melts Your Heart With Reason Why

Even adults tear up a little during Pixar films, so children are not an exception. The beautiful animations and the classic storytelling really do a number on our hearts, don’t they? The video below features an adorable little Pixar fan who is no doubt going to melt you with her adorable reactions! Meet Jentree. This sweet and tiny two year old loves watching movies. She was watching “The Good Dinosaur” when her grandma managed to capture something truly precious on camera!

As you can see, Jentree connects with the lead character on an emotional level. And it’s just about the cutest thing ever. Grandma noticed that Jentree had something to say to her. She questioned what happened, and Jentree replies, “The dinosaur’s makin’ me sad!” She teared up, but her gaze stayed fixed on the screen. The little dinosaur had just become lost in the wilderness. Soon grandma realizes that there is more to Jentree’s story.


The poor girl goes on to explain, “He wants his mama!” Grandma tries to soothe the little one by telling her the dinosaur is all right, but Jentree couldn’t help but feel bad. “Say Mama!” she advices the dinosaur. This adorable video has been stealing everyone’s heart on the internet, and it will no doubt steal yours too!

Check out Jentree’s precious reaction below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

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