When These Dancers Break Formation, Their Precision Moves are Mind-Bending!

In the past, when people thought about going to university, they only did so for academia. And although tuition is the primary reason why people still pursue further education, arts and sports are also significant criteria while choosing colleges. Moreover, these departments are getting more and more competitive and impressive. Just take a look at this professional-level jazz performance from the University of Minnesota dance team!

The all-girls crew performed a Jazz routine at the Best of the Best Show. The girls dressed in all-black sparkly outfits form a line in the center of the arena. Suddenly, they bow their heads, and the crowd erupts. But wait- it hasn’t even started yet! The music starts playing, and they make a wave with their hand movements. Moreover, the line rips in two, and a girl emerges in the center dancing.

uni of minnesota dance team

The music they dance to is odd and sounds like a motivational speech than a melody. But the team synchronizes perfectly to the ticking pace of the beat. Furthermore, they continue with the line dance that makes them look like they are all fused!

As the intensity of the music increases, they do twists and turns that are impeccably in sync. And when they end their dance, the whole stadium erupts! Watch the mind-bending performance below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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