This Janitor Decides to Prank the Workers and Creates a Maze – Watch Them in Action

Janitors are always cleaning the mess that everyone makes whether it is at schools or offices. However, this janitor is a little different and extra from the rest. His prank leaves the internet laughing out loud.

This janitor decided to create a maze path from the snow instead of clearing it out. When the employees try to find the path towards the front door, they keep failing. The janitor also made sure that a hidden camera captures everything. The annoyance and confusion of the employees are soon turned into hilarity. They are all so confused that they end up at the dead end.

The employees are least expecting to find a path towards the front door. Funnily, when they trace their way back from the maze path, they again end up in the same place they started from. The internet is all praise for the sense of humor of this cool janitor. The janitor, hopefully, did not get fired for pulling such a prank on the staff of this organization.

Nevertheless, this man did a great job with this prank! Watch the full video below!

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