UPS Driver Hilariously Battles Icy Driveway to Get Package to Customer

One profession that gets lesser credits than it should is delivering packages. It truly is a thankless job, and no matter what happens, the blame goes to the delivery person. We often forget the hardship a delivery person has to go through to make sure that you get your package in time.

Delivery people have to endure every weather. Whether it’s pouring rain or snowing like crazy, they have to be ready to do their job. And especially during the holidays, it gets crazier. Also, many-a-times, delivery people face circumstances that are hard to avoid. The delivery guy in the video experiences somewhat a similar situation. But despite the harshness, he still manages to do his job.

delivery guy struggles on ice

This determined UPS worker has a package to deliver in the harsh winter evening. There is snow everywhere. And even though the driveway is clear, it’s very slippery. The man gets out of his truck with the package but soon realizes that he can’t walk. So, he decides to slide the box to the front door.

However, the path is still slippery, and he won’t be able to take the package. So, he decides to take a grip from the truck. He then pushes himself and slides on the ground along with the package. A man standing at the end of the driveway then catches the package, and he gives a thumbs up. And he slides his way to the truck.

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