Irish Bride and Sister Goes Viral With Their Unique Twist on ‘the Rattlin’ Bog’

Wedding is one of the most holistic customs these days, incorporating both modern styles and traditional rituals. The lavish affairs hold the number of guests depending on the ethnicity of the family.

The wedding reception is different all around the world, even within the nation itself. From 5000 guests to merely a few hundred or less, the ceremony is celebrated with immense joy and a lot of tears, especially in the Hindu religion.

One of the weddings rich with traditional customs is the Irish wedding. Even though the ceremony has changed drastically, combining more and more modern trends. People still include the old customs that have been going for hundreds of years. For instance: Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition; the betrothed hands are tied in advance than their actual wedding day.

However, some things remain the same in almost every wedding, the precious moments after guests leave the party and only the close ones stay back. The way the Irish utilize the moment is magnificent. Similar to the clip below, all of the family members join in singing folk songs. The woman singing in the clip has memorized the song thoroughly with every detail. Please enjoy the Irish jams and share your fantastic wedding stories in the feed with us.

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