Beautiful Parade in the Street Will Make Your Day

We all have dorky and exciting ways of celebrating our festivals. Nevertheless, we enjoy them. Our sneaky little amusements have kept the holiday spirit alive for so long years. Nationwide we celebrate hundreds and thousands of faith in life, love, and god.

One of the unique festivals is goose-herding. During German’s Open Flair 2018, we were able to witness the goose chapel. Open Flair is a heavy rock festival, which every year mixes international artists with homegrown talent. Held in Eschwege, a small town, the festival has a dynamic and contrasting range of genres.

Open Flair never forgets to show their immense love for nurturing local bands. And in 2018, we saw something extraordinary. It’s a synergetic relation of humans, animals, and music, an ages-old tradition of goose herding. With the rolls of drums and whistling, the birds make a journey to the sound from village to town. They are a big -part of any celebratory occasion.

Isn’t this lovely? What unique festivals have you been a part of? Let us know in the comment section.

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