Groom’s Revenge is Too Much When Bride Rubs Wedding Cake in His Face

Sometimes a gesture that’s mean in fun goes a little wrong and turns into a spat that nobody intended. Well here’s a video where that happened between the bride and groom at a wedding and it’s not quite as funny as everyone first thought.

This video of a groom hurling the wedding cake at his bride went viral on the internet. As fun and sarcastic as the intentions of the groom might have been, his actions didn’t quite come out as funny at all. He seemed too immature and pathetic for the wedding and the bride.

However, this clip really called for a whole lot of internet fiasco. The people who watched the video were completely infuriated. Some even asked the bride to divorce the husband as soon as possible. Hopefully the couple was a little more mature than that!

I’m also hoping the groom learned his lesson–never try to make your wife look bad in public! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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