Inmates Rush Deputy at Guard Desk – To Save His Life

When prison inmates rush from their cells towards a guard, we would typically fear the worst. In this case, they were exhibiting the best kind of behavior you can imagine–saving the guard’s life.

Deputy Warren Hobbs was guarding a unit of locked-down inmates at the Gwinnett, Georgia, County Jail when he suffered a cardiac event. The inmates had noticed earlier that he didn’t look well when he had escorted them to their cells. Later, when he collapsed, they started yelling and banging on their doors. The noise temporarily woke the deputy, which allowed him to unlock their doors so they could run to his aid.

Afterward, the three inmates involved–Mitchell Smalls, Walter Whitehead and Terry Loveless–were humble and grateful they were able to help. “We didn’t do anything for him that he would not [have] did for us.”

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