Suicidal Veteran Goes Out For A Final Smoke, Then Hears Something In The Bushes

Humans and animals have an incredible relationship. The pure love you get from them can heal the deepest wounds and literally turn people’s lives around. This story is living proof.

Josh Marino was a soldier in the United States Army, deployed to Baghdad, Iraq. He was sent home after a mortar exploded nearby and left him with a brain injury. When he returned home he also brought with him severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He felt hopeless and suffered from extreme anxiety every day.

One night when it was particularly bad, Josh decided he didn’t want to go on. After writing a good-bye letter, he decided to go outside for a final cigarette. But out of nowhere, a tiny kitten walked up to Josh and started rubbing around on his legs. That caused Josh forget his own problems for a minute and focus on how he might help the little cat.

Over the next few days, Josh continued to help and ended up adopting the cat he named Scout. Thanks to Scout, Josh got his life back together and is now helping others with mental health issues as well. Check out this heartwarming story of mutual rescue below and maybe put your thanks to veterans like Josh in the Facebook comments.

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