Stray Cat Makes an Unusual Sound in the Need of Love- and It’ll Warm Your Heart

There is a massive misconception that cats don’t like people. It is true that felines like their alone time. However, they can be very friendly and affectionate! And if you don’t believe it, just watch this feral cat’s reaction to being pet. I’m sure you will change your mind!

Meow-meow is a Youtube channel about— you’ve guessed it. Cats! The couple who runs it has two cats, Brownie and Cinnamon. Moreover, they are completely smitten over felines and can’t get enough! So much so that they even go out and feed the feral cats and kittens in the streets. One day, they came upon the most adorable gray cat. But they didn’t know they’d get such a warm welcome!

The cute cat is so happy to see humans! And the feline can’t contain its excitement and lets out the most adorable meows! But that’s not all; the adoring cat just wants to be pet. Moreover, it rubs its whole body against the woman, and not to forget the cameraman.

Furthermore, it even stands on two legs just to nuzzle on the woman’s hands. Luckily, all that hard work pays off, and the kitten gets to munch on some tasty food. Watch the heartwarming video below:

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