Dad Tells 2-month-old Baby “I Love You”, Then Mom Captures Her Unbelievable Response

Who doesn’t love a tiny little baby? Their chubby cheeks, tiny feet, and irresistible giggles are enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. Their minds are like sponges—they can soak up so much new information around them every day, even though their brains are still in the process of development. Sometimes, their senses can be overwhelmed by all the new things they see in their surroundings, don’t you think so?

The father in this video happily held his two-month-old daughter in his arms. The two looks so mesmerized with one another. He smiles at her, and she just looks back at him babbling in the cutest way. This sweet dad says the words “I love you” to his baby girl, she just smiles and coos back at him the first time. However, the next time he says the same words to her, he gets quite an unexpected reaction.

When this dad tells his baby that he loves her for the second time, she says it right back at him! How did such a young baby even manage to say that? Even the camera person is amazed, because she starts laughing at her baby girl’s unexpected response. Thankfully, she had the camera rolling to capture this adorable reaction!

She’ll probably be really pleased with herself once she sees this after growing up! Check out this amazing video below:

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