Drone Flies Over Wind Turbine, Then Captures a Rare Event That’s Cracking the Internet Up

Drones have become more common and available for use by the general public. People now use it to film or photograph areas from an incredible height and go where they’d never imagine going. This particular operator flew his drone around the waterfront area. That’s when he saw that the door of a wind turbine was open. This made him really curious to see how the door opened, and he was in for a surprise.

This operator really wanted to crack the case, so he set his drone out for a mission! He slowly flew it up the length of the turbine, and that’s when we get to see just how big it really is. Whoever was in the turbine must be brave to go to such a dizzying height without any fear! Either way, the drone slowly ascended upwards, and then the mystery finally gets solved.

The footage started to show something moving at the top of the turbine. It could have been a bird, or even a small animal. But all conventional guesses would bite the dust here! There was a man lying down on the top of turbine. He sat above the rest of the world, without a care. He was resting at such a terrifying height, yet he seemed really relaxed. Well, it did look like a great place to catch some rays!

The man was not bothered at all by the drone, and he happily waved it away. Check out this hilarious video below:

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